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Logistics, Storage and Warehouse


Gulport Port Servıces Trading Inc provides solutions to its clients by warehouse leasing and logistics chain via 7 warehouses within the range of Aydın-Muğla districts and Güllük Port, capacity of 200.000m2 open stock yards, 25.000m2 close storage areas, and 5.000m2 bonded warehouse.

Warehouse Services

Gulport Port Services Trading Inc. provides warehousing services to its customers, especially feed importers via 8 closed A-type general warehouses, each has capacity of 625 m2. Additionally, Gulport Logistics provides 20,000m2 temporary bonded warehousing areas for the project cargoes.


Gulport Port Services Trading Inc. provides export and transportation services to mine exporters of Aydın and Muğla districts by starting from mines, to stock areas in Güllük, and afterwards according to the demands of customers delivery services to final domestic or overseas destinations and ports via affliated ownership vessels or chartered vessels by the chartering department of Holding company.

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