Gülport Port Services, Logistics, Storage and Warehouse

Land Route Transport Services

Logistics, Storage and Warehouse

Gulport Logistics established by M.Ertan Sevdişan, Nevzat Balkır and Tuna Ipekkan in 1989 and commenced its services after joining Batınak Shipping Inc. in 2003.

Gulport provides and offers import/export services carried out at Gulluk Port as well as various products, services and information flow from the mine sources to final transportation in line with the needs of the clients at the most effective and efficient way of planning, implementations, warehousing and creative solutions basis competitive rates to client’s all needs.

Gulport Logistics carries cargoes of the mining companies which located at Aydın and Mugla districts close to Gulluk port from mine to factorey, from the factory to the stockyards, and from the stockyard to the vessels via its 40 trailer trucks and 33 trucks.

Gulport Logistics is the largest logistics company in the region with the annual mine transportation of 7.000.000 tons.

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Gülport Logistics is in the position of the largest logistics company in the region with annual mine transportation of 7.000.000 tons.

Storage Services

Gulport Port Servıces Trading Inc. provides a solution in Aydın-Mugla districts and Gulluk Port to the warehouse leasing and logistics chain with a total of 7 storage areas comprising of 200.000m2 open area, 25.000m2 closed and 5.000m2 bonded warehouse.

Warehouse Services

Gulport Logistics provides services in Aydın and Mugla districts  to those companies that import feed with 8 closed A type general warehouses, each of which is 625 m2. For the project loads, there is a temporary bonded storage area of 20,000 m2.

Bulk Emery stone load storage area
Bulk Emery stone load storage area
Bulk Emery stone load storage area
Closed Bonded Type A Public Entrepot
Closed Bonded Type A Public Entrepot
Closed Animal Feed Storage Field
1 ton
4 Liquid Storage Tanks

Equipment Possibilities

Discover the wide range of equipments provided by Gülport.


Gulport Port Services Trading Inc. provides delivery services to the companies engaged in mining operations in Aydın and Mugla districts to the desired port in Turkey and / or abroad by taking the cargo from the mines, transporting and storing them to the warehouses in Gulluk, carrying out the export operations with the buyer’s instructions and with the vessels rented by the chartering department and/or its own affiliate ships.

40 Tow


10 Flat

1 Oil

1 Lowbed

33 Four
Axle Truck

Port Services

Gulport Port Services Trading Inc started business in 2006 and is a port that provides services mainly for loading and discharging operations.Our port has a handling capacity of 10.000.000 tons per year and our mainly export products are; Feldspar, Bauxite, Quartz and Marble. Our import products are; Fish meal, Feed raw materials, Grain and Agricultural products.

There is a pier that has the capacity to serve ships of 60,000 tons and allows 5 ships to berth at the same time. It has a daily bulk capacity of 35.000-40.000 tons and 2 tugboats and performs all our towage and pilotage services within its own structure.

Environment and Social Responsibility Project

As an environment friendly company with love for nature, we have provided living habitats for many creatures by planting 200 acres of walnut trees.